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I've had ankle pain for over 30 years(yep....long time), I was constantly hurting and twisting my ankle was embarrassingly common. Pain was keeping me up at night and I wasn't able to do simple things like walking with my girls. I've seen several physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors with no success. Dr. Shae was my last ditch effort before talking to someone about surgery. I had very little hope she could help. After a few visits and diligently doing my homework, my pain diminished. I have been pain free, with better mobility and strength for 6 weeks now. I'm excited to be back to doing things I love with confidence and without pain.

 Jeni W.

I have had nagging back issues most of my adult life. After I injured my back a couple years ago and it continued to hurt for a few weeks I went to my doctor and he took an x-ray. Based on the x-ray I was told I had the back of a 70 year old. I kept nursing it along and got better but not well. It was doing ok but I couldn't stand for long periods without my back being very painful so I finally decide to call MUV OKC and schedule an appointment to see if they could do anything for me. During the initial assessment with Keegan I found out that my lower back was hurting because I had very little movement in my upper back. I never would have guessed! After a few sessions I noticed a difference in my mobility and the pain in my lower back started to get better. I'm still a work in progress but I would not have made any progress without the help and support of Keegan at MUV OKC. I recommend them to all of my family, friends and colleagues!

 John M.

Shae is an absolute dream I've been seeing her for hip, knee, and shoulder. Having a physical therapist that looks at your entire mobility is amazing in its own right. When you add in that they understand the strengths and weaknesses of your training program it fully sets them apart from any other physical therapist I've seen. I feel listened to, cared for, and completely comfortable during my sessions. i highly recommend.

 Jenn P.

Fantastic and provided outstanding service from start to finish. Right from the start, Kyle was friendly, welcoming, but more importantly was incredibly knowledgeable and communicated exactly what and why he did (and had me do) each exercise. I was stoked because I could tell he cared. Afterwards, I received follow up emails to remind me of the different exercises and stretches I needed to do and make sure my progress was going well.
I definitely recommend Kyle for your physical therapy needs. My experience was great!

 Ernest E.

After dealing with multiple mobility issues (and having seen other PTs) I booked a consultation with Dr Shae. She believed she could help, so we started weekly treatments. This has been a game changer! In a short time, I am totally pain free and moving better than ever! I can’t thank the muv crew enough!

 Shawn H.

Dr. Kyle is AWESOME!  I love that he loves and is excited about the work he does.  I went through a series of about 8 sessions with him.  I was experiencing lower back and hip pain as well as shoulder mobility issues. Dr. Kyle was meticulous in analyzing my physical issues and mobility. He not only prescribed a series of mobility and strengthening exercises, but made sure I did them correctly and followed up at the next session. Because he is a fitness trainer as well as a PT, I think he really gets what it takes to move well. He was the perfect guide in helping me eliminate pain and gain more strength and mobility in my body. Thank you Kyle!

 Donna A.

The attention to detail is unmatched. This team spends the ENTIRE session working with you to find the root cause of your pain and then provides you with functional movements to fix your problem! All three providers are experts in their field- if you have any aches or pains- these are THE people to see in OKC!

 Toby J.


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